We Died

by Galen Sharp

We are simply notified of the good news of victory in our behalf. “… faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom. 10:17). Faith, joy in the Lord, rest, and relief can be the only response to such news.

Now, after all that, what makes us think that the false piety of a dead man can do anything to alter, for better or worse, our true life, Christ? What we choose or don’t choose isn’t the question now, it was all settled and over two thousand years ago. The law doesn’t pertain to us anymore because we are dead. Our spontaneous response is to forget the dead man and what it reaps and begin to enjoy God and His kingdom forever through Christ.

This death in Christ means, simply enough, that the person we think of as us was ruled out COMPLETELY! There is nobody left apart from Christ to get spiritual, nobody left to turn anybody’s life over to God. Nobody left to put anything on the altar of sacrifice. Nobody left for God to work with, to stop sinning, to make mature or process! Nobody left to fall under God’s law–because we died! Who do we think died? Who doesn’t count anymore? WE did, the person we once knew as us and called “I.” ALL of us.

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