Conquest of Fear

by Walter C. Lanyon

Fear can manifest only because of a belief in separation. As long as you are something apart from God you will experience, in one form or another, fear. It is subtle and hidden like a poisonous serpent coiled in the grass, liable to strike at any time — at the most unguarded moment, when least expected.

Its only power is given to it by thought, and it can be swollen by thought from a serpent into a dragon. All thoughts of evil are like toy balloons in that they are enlarged until finally the capacity is overtaxed and they burst. Sooner or later a fear will explode itself, however much or little damage it has done.

The panacea for all fear is your union with God. This is not a mystical thing as believed in former times. We are now in the New Day where the things of Spirit are realities, and the things of matter immaterial and transient.

The moment you are separated from ME and wander into the thought world (the vacuum of separation), you are subject to the laws of fear. Fear of life, of disease, of debt, of people. And all these fears are backed up by plenty of evidence and tangible proof. The one who is filled with fear sees the “ten thousand fall at your right hand,” and is so convinced of the reality and power of evil that he fails to notice the one who passes through unscathed. Like a bird charmed by a serpent he is so magnetized by the evil that he cannot escape, yet if he were to break the spell (thought) for a moment, he would find that he had within himself a way of escape — he could fly, he had wings. But the little bird (or you) sits and looks at the terrible specter, thus giving it power — in fact all the power it has. It (and you) become so terrified at what you see that, unable to use your only means of escape, you are destroyed. The moment the thought about a fear is broken, the means of escape is apparent. Taking flight sounds like a simple little means of escape from something so terrible, but it stands. Jesus knew how to do this very thing. He immediately “went unto the Father” and became ONE with Him, and then the belief in a separate power disintegrated, and the manifestation of evil vanished.

The enemy comes at you in one way — and is delighted to get away from you in ten ways if it can. It has been so sure of itself because of your acceptance of it, but when the brightness of this union of you with God takes place, the blinding disintegrating light causes evil to flee.

Stand and see the salvation of the Lord” has a definite, positive value to you NOW. For you are beginning to sense-see the power of being one instead of two. You are beginning to appropriate the instantaneous relief felt from this ONENESS.

This sudden appropriation of ONENESS is accompanied by the consciousness of how to eliminate the object of, or the belief in, fear. There are different “cities” of refuge into which you may run for every differing degree of fear; yet all are the same God. This “running” into God is not as symbolical as it appears. It is an actual fusing of you with the Father within you, and from that moment you are a majority, and you will know the NOTHINGNESS of the fear belief.

It is wonderful, yes, awesome what can take place the moment this union is made. The former things and their powers are as nothing; all are dissipated and destroyed. Whatever manifestation persists in standing in the way of your ongoing must and will be destroyed. It makes no difference how much the human mind is inconvenienced, Oneness will permit nothing that “maketh a lie” to remain.

So “put up your sword”; the currents of Life, the ONE Life, are flowing through you and finding expression through the newly extended senses; and that is sufficient to illuminate any darkened condition.

The Philistines (state of consciousness) built up a great ogre — even as you and I have done — and finally gave him so much power that the entire city was to be destroyed — but there was a way of escape. David and his five pebbles brought the ogre down. You, with your five senses extended into their spiritual capacity, are more than a perfect match for any giant of fear that can confront you. At the “glory of His coming” all the earth trembled.

The glory of the Lord is being revealed.

The thing that you fear is sure to come upon you, one way or another. It may never have an embodiment in the flesh, may be a rankling, devastating, unseen fear which never comes to actual manifestation, but it is just as powerful and has “come upon you” just as definitely as if it had a body and menaced your ongoing. The thing that you fear you hate, and the thing that you hate you fear, and so the cleansing of the mind from hate takes away much of the value of fear.

As you intensify your fear by terrified thought and continued contemplation it grows larger and more all-conquering, until you “remember your Father” and run unto HIM quickly — and then you see the sudden deflation of the balloon of appearance. It is as if the great swollen thing were run through with a rapier. It has not time to escape; it is destroyed.

No more are you trying to match God’s power against the power of human thought. You come with the Power, and every other pseudo-power is overthrown — devitalized and made nothing. If it will not let go easily, it is taken out of the way, together with its manifestation. It makes no difference into what confusion the false belief is thrown, or to what chaotic state of mind it is reduced — the thing that it has tried to bring into manifestation now becomes its own undoing, and your enemy is left to handle and come out of his own beliefs. The blessing of the Lord takes from him once and for all time any power over you, and is the cleansing agency that enters into the cesspool of his mind and starts a cleaning that is not perhaps as happy as it might be. You see again that you are not matching God against the tough and violent power of man. It is as nothing. He blows His breath upon the appearance and it is consumed as a feather in a blast furnace. It is nothing.

Fear is engendered in the human situation by the recognition of a power opposed to God, which is able to bring down on you things which you cannot avoid, perhaps that nothing can avoid. When you view the power of God it is ruthless and terrible and awful to contemplate, in one sense of the word. So the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” for it is the beginning of the end of human fear. And it is instantly productive of the fruits of peace and quiet.

The nervous, excited mind which is beside itself, like a storm-tossed ship at sea, suddenly experiences a “great calm” as the Master speaks to it — “Peace, be still.” This is Power; and the illustration of the fear at sea (the man in his own consciousness), being tossed about like a frail craft in a storm, is perfect. The illustration is given to show you how instantly all the human laws are reversed or made naught. With the Power to speak, “Peace, be still,” comes the instant manifestation. Do you recall how Jesus did this and how He said, “The works that I do, ye shall do also and even greater.” Do you dare to “come to Me” on the waters of disbelief? Can you accept this glorious gift of God?

Fear thou not, for I am with thee, be not dismayed for I am thy God, I will strengthen thee, I will help thee, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

Is it any wonder that the “Sons of God shout” for joy? Is it any wonder that within you goes up such a paean of praise and thanksgiving that you suddenly precipitate a rain of blessings, so many that you cannot “receive” them? Is it any wonder that you are glorifying and magnifying the “Lord in the midst of thee?” No. You can no longer keep from this joy of the Presence, the moment you turn unto ME.

Turn unto ME!
Call upon ME!
Come unto ME!

Every one of these is an invitation to escape instantly the dire evil of human fear. You can and will learn to run into your city of refuge, and the fury of the human thought will spend itself like a flock of evil night birds that dash themselves against the Light that is shining in darkness. Suddenly you are that Light; and the evil manifestation, which had been urged forward by the impetus of its hate and your human-thought support, destroys itself and falls into the ocean of oblivion.

This is the truth — it could happen literally if it were necessary. Or the thing could cast itself into the swine form and rush on to its own destruction. You see we are entering into the NEW DAY — the day of revelation and manifestation, the day when we can say naturally “I believe,” because, having experienced the instantaneous transmutation of things when we “run unto Me,” we become the “majority” which this Oneness gives.

“It is I, be not afraid,” Do you hear? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, for the most you could lose would be some negligible matter formations; and what they represent can be brought out again and again and more perfectly, if the consciousness of them remains with you.

It is I, be not afraid.” You begin to see this “I” standing in the midst of the evil situation, and this very recognition disintegrates the thought-form or mask which has been hiding it from your view.

We arrive finally at the point, which is so full of the acceptance of God that it can and does say, “Even if You slay me, yet I will say You are God” — and the last stand is taken. Even if You slay me — yet will I acknowledge this One and Only Power. It is wonderful to know that we are beginning to sense the Power of it (the instantaneous ability to accept and make manifest the words of Jesus). At first this may seem a little confused, and you will go back to the things you have given up. But you will find nothing there. You have “come out from among them.” You are free and shall walk fearlessly into the New Day, pushing out the “borders of your tent” farther and farther — daring to take more and more of the Consciousness, and accepting it as natural and real and true.

Praise the Lord, O my soul and forget not all His benefits.” All the benefits of this Lord, this Father, this Oneness — they are as the sands of the sea — to try to count them is hopeless, impossible.

God is even in the midst of hell, for “if you make your bed in hell there am I.” If I am not recognized as there, you will burn to death — but if you recognize ME, I will manifest to you Heaven. Sounds foolish? — but there it is and it can be and has been proven. So this recognition of the Presence here, there and everywhere, causes one to see the sudden change that comes when he is able to “look again, and see the fields white with harvest.”

God “in the midst of” the dead Lazarus was what enabled Jesus to bring him forth — the Father, the Permanent Identity of Lazarus was able to pick up his body from death and putrefaction and bring it forth perfect, for he had life everlasting and spirit was present in every cell and fiber of his consciousness. This had to be recognized before it could take place. The sudden union of Lazarus with God — Life Eternal — was made, and the army of beliefs, however time-honored, put to flight.

Do you begin to understand what it means to see God in evil, in hell, in the Devil, in sickness and in fear? It gives you the power of Oneness — for if there is any place God is not, then your God is not Omnipresent — there is a vacuum and another power must fill it. These vacuums are like pockets of evil, which must be cleansed by the daring recognition that God is in the Devil. “The wrath of man shall bless thee” — do you hear? Your very enemy is to bless you. Why? Because you have called out the God in that bewildered maze of human beliefs, and He has come forth.

You do not need to fight — put up your sword! Set yourself and see the salvation of the Lord. Can you do it? You can, when the Love of God has entered into your heart and your recognition of Him as here — there — everywhere has been made.

Separated from God you are naked and afraid, and you try to hide from Me but can find no place where I am not. If you go to the uttermost part of the earth, there My right hand shall lead you. If you take the wings of the morning, if you do anything the human mind suggests, you cannot escape Me. And this Recognition of Me as HERE and now present is enough to untie the knottiest human law that was ever conceived. All this by “a way ye know not of,” and can never find out, for, in every instance, it comes by way of a different manifestation. You will cease to speculate or wonder how it can take place — that is no concern of yours. Suffice it to say it will take place in one of those natural ways which are so mystifying to the human thought, that it flees in abject terror from the “brightness of His coming.”

When you are One with Him, you are a majority and you are One with the Brightness of His coming. “Who did hinder you that you should not obey the truth?” At long last you will answer, “I hindered myself,” because I believed I was something separate from God, that I had a life which was disconnected, but which could be momentarily joined with Him through affirmations or prayers.

It is like magic — the quick and sudden change of everything — when the Lord is recognized as being in the terrifying situation that confronts you. If this be an incurable disease, He is there, awaiting recognition. True, He may apparently be covered over with an avalanche of human beliefs. But all this covering is nothing but so much mist to the brightness of His coming. And at this “coming” the mist is absorbed like water poured on a burning desert.

I am with you” all ways as well as always — you have this instant panacea with you. It is there, awaiting recognition. Nothing is too small, nothing too great to put through the fire of His brightness. Nothing can stand in the way of His coming, and His coming takes place whenever you can recognize this Presence as everywhere, instead of in an imaginary heaven.

Finally you will understand the Love divine that is a part of you — the Love of this God who is everything to you and who is instantly available and ready to neutralize all your ills. The deep love and sacred acceptance of this wonderful Power finally becomes an actuality. You will not love Him emotionally, but with a deep spiritual fervor that lifts you above mortal FEAR. This is the perfect “Love that casteth out fear,” and is recognized NOW as impersonal and automatic. It is this love that you can bring to another in the throes of some terrible panic or fear. This love covers him like the soft feathers of protecting wings. Within the folds of this Love there is NO fear. And there is no hate or misunderstanding. For the brightness of His coming into being has destroyed all untoward conditions, together with their manifestations.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” “Perfect Love casteth out Fear.” What have you to FEAR after you know ME? I am with you NOW. I am with you always — and the laws of sin, sickness and death, fear and evil are no longer potent. They have collapsed and are no more. “Fear ye not for I AM with you.”

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