Christ is Big in You

by Nancy Gilmore

Christ IS big in you! In fact He IS your life! He IS the reason you breathe, the reason your heart beats. He IS the ONLY life there is! You have no life of your own; that’s an illusion of the fall! YET YOU DON’T BECOME HIM! Even satan is God’s Life MISUSED; satan wanted to take Christ place in the throne room of God! satan wanted to be gloried as God. God uses satan the way he “became” as an opposite to how God created him. We only learn by opposites. God created Lucifer as a ‘light’ bearer, and he, became satan as he ignited the dark principle in God of which God died to ever becoming that person. It is the dark principle (in God) ignited by satan that created God’s hell, and all start out life in the fall, hidden in God to be awakened in Christ! In His Resurrection! In His LOVE! In His inheritance! In His glory! Christ IS our Glory! All life is derivative of God.

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