“Seeing God Only”

by Nancy Gilmore

Only JESUS enables us to “SEE GOD ONLY”! It is through HIM, we have access into this “grace” to see only God in everything, No matter what it looks like!

We learn Christ, by His Spirit living in us. It is by His Spirit living in us that we are made one spirit with Him. In this unity of being joined to His Spirit, We, also, are one with Him in the TRINITY! He, in us, and we, in Him.

Who are we then in reality? Are we bold as Jesus who said if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father? Jesus, when He came to earth, was the manifestation of the Father. Jesus didn’t replace the Father, and the Father didn’t replace Jesus. They were and are in unity, as one living in, and as the other.

They crucified Jesus, because they said He was a blasphemer.

Are we willing to suffer the same? Are we at least willing to be made willing? I am.

In a statement … I AM is His name too! God said to Abraham, “I AM that I AM“. Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I AM”. Isn’t it the greatest blasphemy of all to refer to ourselves as “I am”? As though I am as one acting on my own.

Many will say, “Christ in me”, but they really mean, in me, but separated from me. They have this gap between them and God. Since we are joined to Him by His Spirit living in us, And are united to Him as one spirit with Him, Will we “see” ourselves with a single eye? And say … “I am” (spirit) is a manifestation of …” I AM” (SPIRIT), The One living by, and as the other?

In the boldness of “Jesus” let us say … if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen Him! Remember Jesus didn’t replace the Father. He manifested the Father and wasn’t ashamed to say so.

He counted it not robbery to be equal with God. The Holy Spirit has leveled us up to be one with Him. Let us recognize our true identity, and say … I am a form of Christ … that’s who I am.

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