What Happens When We Sin?

“So now it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me” (Romans 7:17).When we sin, we temporary let satan enter our Holies, our soul (NOT the Holy of Holies because that’s where my spirit is one with His spirit), and we allow satan to use our members as tools for unrighteousness. That’s why Romans 7:17 says that it’s not I who does the sinning, but sin which we allowed to enter for some time. So in my Holy of Holies Christ is always present and ready to be manifested. However, the expression in the Holies and the outer court of my temple may be carnal, but I am not identified by that carnality. I simply was misled and gave in to temptation. That may lead to a walk in the flesh and we will be judged on that before the judgement seat of Christ, determining whether we will be overcomers (Rev. 2-3), but it never touches our eternal redemption.

What I want to emphasize, is that we humans never were anything but containers, expressing through soul and body the spirit we give room to. Formerly it was satan-I and now Christ-I, and when we sin we let satan get hold of our members, but never again as satan-I. So I never walk around having feedback on myself whether Christ is manifested or not. I live in the spontaneity that He IS me in all my weakness of soul and body. BUT … when the temptation comes and the Spirit makes me aware, I sense it in my spirit, just like Jesus and Paul (Mark 2:8; Acts 17:16).

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