Henry C. Mabie

Books by Henry Clay Mabie (1847-1918):
“In the thought of Scripture, the reconciling-death and the resurrection are always to be taken together; they are inseparable parts of a real unity, twin parts of one fact. In Scripture thought, the reconciling-death always eventuates in the resurrection, and the resurrection always presupposes the reconciling-death; the one is not conceived apart from the other” (Henry C. Mabie).

This is an age of ‘quick returns’, easy gains, least trouble, everything with as little effort and cost as possible. Depth is a lost stamina. Stamina is a minus quality. Who today would take the pains to read such classics on the Cross as Dr. Mabie’s The Divine Reason of the Cross and The Meaning and Message of the Cross? This superficiality is costing the Church and Christians very dearly, and so there is artificial life, artificial food, artificial fellowship which will not go through in the time of testing” (T. Austin-Sparks).

Short Sketch of the Life of Henry Mabie
HC Mabie-The Philosophical Personal Worker
Romanism in Four Chapters
Method in Soul-Winning
The Meaning and Message of the Cross
How Does the Death of Christ Save Us?
Method in Soul-Winning 
(Must reading!)
The Divine Reason of the Cross
Under the Redeeming Aegis